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Hello, My Name Is Dorian Cavazos.  I Was Born On July 14, 2015 With Pulmonary Atresia, Tricuspid Valve Disease And A Heart Murmur.  Please Help My Mommy And Daddy To Meet Expenses Due To My Medical Condition!    If You Are Unable To Contribute That's Okay.  We Appreciate Your Prayers!

For you formed my inward parts; you knitted me together in my mother's womb. (Psa 139:13)

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Dorian was nicknamed "The Champ" by the doctors at Arnold Palmer Hospital

Dorian is doing so well that he no long has to go to the cardiologist weekly.  Dorian's mommy & daddy only have to drive to Orlando every other week.  Praise the Lord!!!   Dorian almost weighs 9 pounds.  (added 9-3-15)

Dorian will be undergoing an procedure to add a heart catheter when he turns 3 months old.  This will require an overnight stay.  Thank you for your prayers!  (added 9-3-15)


Dorian had a checkup with his cardiologist today.  He is doing great.  He now weighs 9 pounds, 4 ounces and he is 21.5 inches long.  Praise The Lord!  Dorian will have his second surgery in Dec or Jan.  (added 9-14-15)

Due to blood showing up in Dorian's stool mommy and grandma are taking him to Arnold Palmer for 24 hour observation in the Cardiac ICU.  This is a precautionary move due to his heart situation.  Thank you for your prayers concerning Dorian.  (added 9-19-15 | 10:30 am)

Dorian may be kept at the Cardiac ICU for 3 days.  The doctors are thinking he has an allergy to milk products.  The doctors may be keeping Dorian for 3 days so they can confirm their diagnosis.  (added 9-19-15 | 3:22 pm)

Praise the Lord Dorian is back home.  It looks like he was suffering from a dairy product allergy via his breast milk.  He will be strictly on formula for the next 5 days until mommy's system is purged of any residual dairy.  Mommy will be on a dairy-free diet for the next 9 to 10 months or for as long as Dorian is breast feeding.  (Added 9-20-15 | 3:30 pm

Dorian had a good 2 month checkup today.  He now weights 10lbs and he is 22 inches long.  He has a followup appointment for his dairy product allergy on 9-28-15  (Added 9-23-15)

Dorian saw the GI doctor today.  The appointment was routine.  He will have another followup in about 2 months.  Thank you Lord for safe travels to Orlando and back and no further GI issues so far.  (Added 9-28-15)

Dorian went to the doctor today.  He is now 23 inches long.  He's gained a little bit of weight but needs to gain more.  The doctor has scheduled Dorian to have a catheter placed in his leg on Nov. 13th.  The catheter will be used to help determine when Dorian should have his next heart surgery.  We appreciated your continued prayers!  (Added 10-14-15)  


Dorian went to the doctor today.  He had a echocardiogram today to check out his heart shunt.  From the results it looks like he will have his next surgery in December.  The doctor still has Dorian scheduled to have a catheter placed in his leg on Nov. 13th.  The catheter will be used to help determine when Dorian should have his next heart surgery.  He weighs 10 lbs 11 oz..  We appreciate your continued prayers!  (Added 10-29-15)  

Please pray for Dorian.  He is scheduled to undergo his  catheterization at noon today.  This procedure will help the doctors determine the condition of his shunt and thus determine how soon he must have heart surgery again.  Pray for the doctors, nurses, technicians and others as the perform the procedure.  Pray for mommy and daddy during this procedure. (Added 11-13-15)

Thank you for your prayers.  Dorian went through the procedure well.  He has been discharged from the hospital.  We are awaiting the results of the catheterization.  The results  will help the doctors determine when Dorian must have heart surgery again. (Added 11-14-15)

The doctors have determined when Dorian must have heart surgery again. He is scheduled to have his second open heart surgery on January 4, 2016.  Dorian is still not gaining weight like the doctors desire otherwise his checkups are good.  Dorian weighs over 11 pounds. Thank you for your prayers.  (Added 11-25-15)

Dorian had his  heart surgery today. The doctors removed the shunt.  He didn't get a new shunt.  Dorian's heart will function using his two good chambers.  The doctors said the procedure went well.  Prasie the Lord.  Thank you for all the prayers.  Dorian is scheduled to remain in Arnold Palmer Children's Hospital  for the rest of the week to aid in his recovery and healing.  Dorian weighs over 12 pounds.                   (Added 1-4-16)


Dorian with his great grandparents on his mommy's side


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Dorian is making very good progress.  The doctors are still saying he will remain in th ehospital until probably early next week.  Thank you for your continued prayers!  A new video taken today has been added to the left.  Two new pictures were also added  (Added 1-6-16)


We appreciate your prayers

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